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Your Voice: Success or Sabotage?

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Test 11/5/96

Your Voice: Success or Sabotage?

Mend your speech a little, lest you may mar your fortunes. -- William Shakespeare

Scene One: As you come through your door, the phone is ringing. You rush to answer, "Hello?" Then you hear a smooth, rich, mesmerizing voice that reminds you of James Earl Jones, "Hi. You don't know me, but I need your help." How do you respond?

Scene Two: As you come through your door, the phone is ringing. You rush to answer, "Hello?" Then you hear an irritating, harsh-sounding voice that reminds you of fingernails on a chalkboard or a mosquito, "Hi. You don't know me, but I need your help." How do you respond?

A mellow, powerful voice
breezes you through to rich ports.
An annoying voice
blows you right out of the water.

Now imagine you are the person needing something. Happen every day? The sound of
your voice is five times more important than your actual words in getting people to believe you and like you. The sound of your voice triggers judgment on you personally, instantly, and mostly below the conscious level of the judge, for better or worse. Happens every day.

Oh, great, you say, so what if I don't have a fabulous voice? Worse yet, what if my voice annoys people?

Do not despair. You can change how you sound. Unless you have organic or medical impediments (most don't) you can learn ways to use that wonderful, rich, powerful voice you already have inside, but don't use yet.

These six steps work equally well for men and women, old and young:

Folks will never tell you it was your voice that doomed the deal. But, according to The Wall Street Journal, (1/16/96), annoying voices are unprofitable. How much potential business is lost every day because the telephone voice was boring or weak or irritating? You need to make sure your voice is helping your cause, not getting in the way.

Practice exercise: tape record yourself speaking as you normally do. Then listen. If you like what you hear, get confirmation from someone you trust. If you don't like how you sound, try something different. If you are still not happy, get help from someone who specializes in training speaking voices to sound wonderful.

Scene Three: You have practiced well. You have improved. You now sound even better than dessert. Now, in a voice that reminds people of James Earl Jones or Linda Ellerbee, YOU are making the request call. You are delighted to hear, "Love that voice! I'd be happy to help."

1996 -- Stan Yoder. All rights reserved.

Stan Yoder Voice Studio

Haltom City, Texas


Say it with Velvet ThunderTM is a speaking-voice development seminar created for business people and professionals, male and female, old and young. An enjoyable half-day (four hours or other negotiated duration.) A combination of breezy lecture and one-on-one expert instruction.

For specific info, e-mail:

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The Say it with Velvet ThunderTM Seminar

Hate your voice?
Or, when you talk, do you see people eagerly leaning in to listen?

Does your voice sound powerful, pleasant, assertive, likable and showcase you as a competent person?

How you sound is over five times more influential than what you say
in how well people like and believe you.
And you need people to like and believe you.
(Leads to trust, success, love, happiness, clients, employment -- stuff like that.)

Don't let someone else with a beautiful voice beat you out because your voice sounds weak or boring or unpleasant or irritating. You can learn to sound more vibrant, pleasing, confident, assertive and competent.

The Wall Street Journal (1/16/96) reports that companies are paying big bucks to train employees and executives to sound better -- as much as $2500/day for a voice improvement seminar. And they invest in private voice lessons for executives and promising managers. Women sometimes need deep-voice training. The Journal also notes that annoying voices are unprofitable.

The Say it with Velvet ThunderTM half-day speaking-voice development seminar will show you how to fix an annoying voice and how to develop an attractive, compelling voice that fairly sizzles with power, yet still sounds warm and inviting. It's the kind of voice people just can't help responding to.

It sounds even better than ... dessert!

Say it with Velvet ThunderTM

is a half-day speaking-voice development seminar designed for business people and professionals, male or female, old or young. It will enable you to

* Understand why your voice doesn't sound like you think it does

* Learn the six basic elements that will make you sound wonderful

* Learn how to transform your ordinary voice into Something Special

* Experience your own Velvet ThunderTM voice

* Hear others' voices blossom into Velvet ThunderTM right before your eyes

* Learn to use your internal Three-pronged Voice Balancer

* Learn simple but effective tips to stay vocally healthy

* Obtain exercises for continued improvement

* Get individual and personal guidance from a professional voice instructor in a Lecture/Master Class experiential setting

Intensive personalized attention for each participant requires a limit of 10 working participants / seminar

For the time-challenged there's the

Two-Hours-or-Less Lecture/Demonstration.

This is customized for your situation and lasts between one and two hours, with the second hour utilizing limited one-on-one instruction.

There is no limit on the number of attendees for this option.

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WHO NEEDS THE Say it with Velvet ThunderTM SEMINAR?

Anyone who talks with people and would like to sound better doing it. "Better" means using a speaking voice that sounds more rich, full, smooth, confident, assertive and attractive. (It does not mean merely louder.)

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Do you dream of more and better? Can you relate to making your life a bit easier and more successful? People respond unconsciously to the sound of your voice. Wouldn't it be great if you had a wonderful voice that made your friends and clients crave your every word? Well ... the Velvet ThunderTM seminar will not do magic or miracles, but it will show you how to make YOUR voice better. Maybe even astonishingly better.

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Presented at your business site (or other negotiated location) as booked by your organization.


Half-day Seminar (Intensive one-on-one instruction for 10 or fewer)
Or Two-Hours-or-Less Lecture/Demonstration (Unlimited attendance, limited one-on-one instruction)
Outside Fort Worth area: $1000 plus expenses
In the Fort Worth area: $500

Open Enrollment Half-day Seminar, as available
Per person: $95

Private lessons
At your site in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: $180/hour
In my Haltom City studio: Half-hour lesson: $50
One-hour lesson: $85
Outside Dallas/Fort Worth area: Negotiable

OK, Stan, I like how this sounds. Let's talk scheduling details: or call 817.498-6454

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Excerpts from Testimonials on File

"The lessons really kicked in and worked like a charm for me last week. By Friday, I could go all day without even any strain. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't have done it without you ... thanks!." ad agency VP

"Stan Yoder, professional voice coach, knows his stuff!" television news reporter

"My church members' response was immediate and certain to my new Velvet ThunderTM voice: 'You preached with power and authority.' Since that first Sunday, my confidence has increased. My congregation is listening better and paying attention longer. God bless you, Stan." minister

"Thank you so much for your help with my voice. Your ideas have already made a noticeable difference. During a meeting, I was being interrupted each time I tried to speak until I remembered my 'big throat' voice. When I used it, they all shut up and listened!" female manager

"On a flight home from Chicago, a young mother had a fussy six-month-old baby that she could not get to quiet down. I used my 'deep resonance' voice to talk to the baby. He immediately stopped crying, and as long as I kept talking, he would not cry. His mother told me how unique it was for him to stop crying so suddenly, and that he must like me." female marketing company owner

"I was making an important sales call by phone. Because I wanted the account so badly, I was very formal and pushed my voice to sound louder. She was indifferent and kept putting me on hold. Then I realized how my voice was sounding. I consciously relaxed my tone, opened my throat, and laughed some. She suddenly was much more interested and asked someone there to wait while she finished the conversation with me!" sales manager

"People have commented on what a 'sexy' voice I have since I have been working with you. Although I am not trying to sound sexy, people never made any comments about my voice before. I'm looking forward to learning more." business owner

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Stan did an excellent job of presenting the material using humor. He knew the material very well and gave some great advice.

I particularly liked the work with us as individuals. It was direct and helpful.

The class was very enjoyable. Stan put on a great presentation and made the experience fun.

I particularly liked the individual attention at the end; we had done enough funny noises as a group that we weren't intimidated by then. Very focused -- good!

You made the session light and very pleasurable. You have made me aware of my voice and I find myself using what you stressed -- Velvet ThunderTM -- (good description!)

I particularly liked learning about the different breaths you need to use and how to change the sound of the vowels to get your point across.

I liked how we got to do individual practice. If I did not have it quite right, he worked with me which helped me understand.

Very well presented. Very informative. Very useful and usable material. Excellent. Very enjoyable.

OK, Stan, I like how this sounds. Let's talk scheduling details: or call 817.498-6454

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About Stan Yoder

Stan Yoder, maestro of the Stan Yoder Voice Studio, created the one-of-a-kind Say it with Velvet ThunderTM seminar as a way to get ordinary people to use their innate potential to sound extraordinary. He was awarded a Master of Music degree from the UMKC Conservatory and graduated with honors from Rice University with a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance. Stan has been helping private voice studio students develop winning voices since 1986. His good-humored, fast-paced leadership makes learning fun!

OK, Stan, I like how this sounds. Let's talk scheduling details: or call 817.498-6454

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Your Place or Mine?

The Say it with Velvet ThunderTM seminar will be given at your business site or other negotiated location at a time booked by your company.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

OK, Stan, I like how this sounds. Let's talk scheduling details: or call 817.498-6454

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