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Voice Training for Vocal Athletes

Page last modified 2 August 2000.

The Stan Yoder Voice Studio specializes in training both the singing and the speaking voice. Studio hours for private lessons by appointment. Speaking-voice seminars booked first-come, first-served. Call for available times.

Stan Yoder Voice Studio
Haltom City, Texas, USA
Also check out the VoiceMaestro site for online lessons

Voice trainer and coach for vocal athletes -- speaking and singing.
Choral conductor. Singer. Poet. Philosopher. Joke teller. Actor. Writer. Creative thinker. Caring counselor, husband, father. Graduate of Rice University (cum laude) with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Graduate of UMKC with a Master of Music in Choral Conducting. Private voice instructor since 1986.

Creator and presenter of Say it with Velvet ThunderTM speaking-voice training for business people and professionals, male and female, old and young.

Say it with Velvet ThunderTM Information

Tips, suggestions and reasons to develop a more profitable speaking voice. Invest five minutes in learning how you can improve your chance at success.

How to Improve Your Speaking Voice

(...Or just muddle along doing whatever you have done up to now.)
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